I'm doing it again!
A Brand-New PLR Bundle - From Kristen Joy...
“Sell Your Own Journal Design Training and Jumpstart a New Membership, Product, or Business!”
From my best-selling training of all time... straight to YOUR pockets!
I'm going to be completely honest with you... I've struggled with this idea. So this is a test to see if you really want it. And if you do, I just might give you more...

Several months ago I retired one of my favorite trainings of all time... Journal Design Basics (and Advanced Journal Design). Then I retired another of my favorites, Canva Journal Design.
And now I have all these files just sitting here doing NOTHING.
So that's why I've decided to try this little experiment...

I'll give you ALL the files for Journal Design Basics including...
- Original PowerPoint slides (also in PDF format)
- Original Word Doc transcripts (also in PDF format)
- All MP4 recordings
- All MP3 audios
- All marketing graphics (including original PSD files)
- Website copy
- Bonus Book Printers Excel spreadsheet

AND FULL PLR RIGHTS to edit, re-teach, cannibalize for other projects, add as a bonus, host local workshops, re-brand and...
The ability to make as much extra income as you can... by using what I created and selling it as... YOUR OWN!
That's right... through this exclusive offer I'm now giving YOU the rights to edit, add to, subtract from, and make MY program your own... and sell it for whatever you want to whomever you want. It comes with Private Label Rights (PLR) which means you can do pretty much anything you want with it, even use parts of it as a free opt-in to get more people on your list... or create your own course out of it and sell it, use it for a local writer's group workshop (that attendees pay you for)... and more!
Here's exactly what you get:
  •  Original Evergreen Content: This course was designed to not go out of date. Almost everything in it can be re-taught as-is, you can just sell the course as-is, or take bits and pieces to make something new.
  •  Editable PowerPoint Files: Every Session comes with a fully-functional, already-made-for-you PowerPoint file in the look, feel and theme of the original course. You can add to it, edit it, include your own logo, whatever you want!
  •  Slide and Handout PDFs: While you can change the original PowerPoints and easily export new slide and handout PDFs, I've done that work for you should you decide to use the existing materials as-is... Less work for you!
  •  Bonus Editable Word Document Transcripts: I paid over $3,000 to have these high-end summary transcripts created... and now I'm selling the PLR rights to YOU to use them for whatever you wish!
  •  Original MP4 Video Files: These extra long video trainings are already split into sections to make it easier for your customers and clients to view them. You can use them wherever you wish!
  •  Original MP3 Audio Files: These audio versions of the training are also already split into sections for easier listening. So many possibilities for audio!
  •  Marketing Materials: The original website sales copy to easily sell the course AND all the graphics files (Photoshop which can also be opened in Gimp or PhotoPea) you can customize however you like. (Hint: You can also adapt my sales copy for other stuff you want to sell...)
BUT WAIT... There's more!! :)
What if I told you I'm not only offering PLR access to the popular Journal Design Basics course... But you could ALSO grab a bundle including PLR rights to Advanced Journal Design AND Canva Journal Design...
ALL 3 of My Most Popular Journal Trainings... In ONE Bundle!
That's PRIVATE LABEL Branding AND RESELL Rights!
  • Journal Design Basics - Take your tribe step-by-step through the concept, creation, design, publishing AND marketing strategies of TWO journals... Sell it with your own training included, re-create it as YOU as the expert or capitalize on my extensive branding by selling an authentic Book Ninja course and keeping ALL the profits!
  •  Advanced Journal Design - For those thirsty for more, give them real hands-on demos for full color layout and advanced design techniques using Adobe InDesign... Plus advanced marketing strategies!
  •  Canva Journal Design - To those looking for an inexpensive start with hands-on step-by-step demos on how to use Canva to design journals. Also includes ALL the stock image pack bonuses and 18 different demos!
The last time I sold this bundle I charged $497. And the last time I sold Journal Design Basics via webinar I charged $197 PER PERSON for that course alone!
YOU get access not only to the course(s) itself but ALL the editable files to make it 100% your OWN...
And the RIGHTS to sell it or give it away as much as you want!
All you have to do is sell it ONCE to make up your total investment! How cool is that?!?
Get Instant Access to
Your OWN Copy of the
“Journal Design”
PLR Bundle 
Now Only $497 $397 $297
OR Choose ONLY the PLR Package for Journal Design Basics Alone
For Only $297 $197
Secure payments through Paypal...
Frequently Asked Questions
How will I get access?
After you grab your copy a "Welcome" email will come out to you (in about 20 minutes) detailing your access information for the BookNinjaMembers.com site where all the details you need to access the content is waiting for you. It's INSTANT access! 
What if I have problems getting my order through?
Our super star Ninja Customer Care Team is on call to assist you with any aspect of your order. Please email support@thebookninja.com to get in touch with our support!
Is this part of The Book Ninja Academy membership?
No. This program includes the rights for you to edit, tweak, add to, subtract from, and sell to other people. It is not for personal use only, therefore it is not part of the Academy.
Is there anything I CANNOT do with this content?
Only a few common-sense things that are standard in ANY PLR bundle. You can't:
- Give away, transfer or sell any of the source PPTX or Word document files. (Only you may have access to editable versions.)
- Allow your customers/clients to sell any of the content. YOU can sell it. NOT them.
- Upload it to Kindle as a book (against Kindle's TOS).
- Sell it through an auction site, in a dime sale or firesale.
- Give away, transfer or sell your editing and resale rights.
Due to the Instant Downloadable Access you receive to this high value product and accompanying bonuses, there are no refunds on this product.
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